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The Best Swiss Army Knives

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Many people call the folding knife a Swiss Army Knife. This multi-use tool is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can carry around. Aside from how compact it is, the Swiss Army Knife is also lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket or pouch.

Everyone has probably seen a Swiss Army Knife at least once in their life. The original brands that make real and Swiss Army Knives are Wenger SA and Victorinox AG who combined in 2005 to rule the industry.Β 

This article will deal with the best Swiss Army Knives out there. Of course, we only chose those pieces that came directly from the source. Everybody’s taste and use-case are different, but here are our favorites!Β 

Victorinox SwissChamp

If you want something a little more extra, this is the perfect Swiss Army Knife for you! This tool features multiple blades, corkscrew, a wood saw, a metal file, a nail file, a multi-purpose hook (AKA the parcel carrier), pliers, wire cutters, wire stripper, wire crimper, magnifying glass, Phillips screwdriver, mini screwdriver, fish scaler, ruler, hook disgorger, and key ring. We couldn’t think of anything more robust!

Victorinox Hiker

This multi-purpose tool is recommended for the everyday hiker and even those who dare to head into the Alps. It involves a screwdriver that fixes and repairs as well as a saw that is great for getting kindling down to size. It also has a rear spike that you can put between your fingers for either perforating a makeshift water filter or self-defense.

The tools can be really helpful as they’re meant for rugged experiences far from civilization.Β 

Victorinox Trekker

Most on the knives on this list focus on the multi-tool aspect, but this one focuses on the actual knife itself on the front and center for those who need a one-handed deployment for easier use and faster execution. You can be able to get the slightly serrated blade out with a quickness using an expanded thumb hole. The reamer, wire-stripper, saw, screwdrivers, and openers also work very well!Β 

Victorinox Alox Cadet

Alox in the title of a knife means aluminum scales. This material makes this tool more classy without adding any weight. The Cadet boasts its nice variety of tools while maintaining a very slim profile. However, with a large blade, these knives do not work as well on a keychain.

Victorinox Super Tinker

If you are a DIYer or a fiddler who can’t help but deconstruct stuff and put them back up, then this is the perfect Swiss Army Knife for you! It features two simple knives that are high-quality, as well as strip wires, hole puncher, screwdriver, and more.

Victorinox Huntsman

The Huntsman model from Victorinox features all the tools a modern hunter needs, such as a saw, an awl, and a corkscrew! It’s also ideal for the camper. Bring it along with you and you’re all set for your next adventure. It’s also handy for threading, separating, and dealing with bike chains or musical strings. Overall, an impressive selection of implements in a highly compact package ideal for EDC.

Victorinox Farmer


This Swiss Army Knife has a sleek interior that’s far from similar to the classic smooth red body of most Swiss Army knives, choosing instead to give a little bit of texture to the handle in the form of slight knurling that is better for those who will be using it with greasy hands that do real work. It includes an awl and a saw for tough outdoor jobs. It doesn’t rust, break, bend, or even damage.Β 

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  • I live 10 min away from Swiss army headquarters here in CT …twice a year they have a clearance sale ….the two knives I always buy ..a bunch of small key chain .SAK…the one with scissors..knife ..nail file (with screw driver tip ) & tweezers & toothpick .buy 5 of those @10 bucks each …then one or 2 large ones with locking blade / tools ..& one hand opening hole in the main blade ….sometimes like a tinker or camper.or 2 ….I’ve carried a tiny key chain sak on my keys since 1979 !!

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