The Best Way to Stay Safe During a Riot

primitive survivors surviving a riot

The best way to stay safe during a riot is to, well, avoid the riot. If you are informed and you know the current political situation, you’ll know which riot zones to avoid. However, there are situations where you might get caught in it while you’re walking, in the car, or even at home!

Riots and protests can break out anytime, so here are the best ways to stay safe during a riot.Β 

Gear Up

In the situation of civil unrest, the best gear you should have is a firearm. While rivers of ink have been spilled arguing the salient benefits of this design over that, the reality of the matter is that a reliable AR or AK rifle need not be expensive to be effective.

A cheap black rifle is easy to have, and a half dozen loaded magazines will keep in storage longer than you will. Store with your gun and spare magazines in a safe location in your house where the children cannot access it. Also,Β  train to the point where you feel comfortable with all of it.Β 

Another important thing you might need in case a riot occurs is body armor. Body armor is a combat multiplier and the current sordid state of the world has opened up a thriving market for such gear. Options are available for adults, kids, and even pets, all at reasonable prices.

You also need to make sure that your emergency closet has all the essentials, especially if you don’t plan on going out. These include food, water, backup power, and medical supplies, and any specialty items for pets or the elderly should always be on hand.Β 

Do Not Protect Your Property

You read it right. While preppers and survivalists always aim to achieve personal protection and property defense, it’s different when it comes to riots. Rioters cannot be put in the same category as thieves and other criminals who might break into your home.

Because of mob mentality, which causes people to act tougher when in groups, they become unreasonable and will not be scared off by your warnings. While you are prepared with a firearm, remember that it’s only you and your family against a bunch of people.Β 

Put your family’s safety over your property, especially because your property can be replaced. Don’t fire your gun immediately!

How to Escape

If you are not at home during a riot and are stuck in one, your main goal is to get out to a safe place. First, blend in. Try to look as much like the rioters as possible. If all the rioters have their hoods up, then put yours up too. Remove your business suit!Β 

Don’t go against the crowd. Instead, walk in the same direction as them, but at a diagonal. You will soon come to the edge of the mob and can walk away. Once you are out, seek refuge in a nearby building, or find a suitable doorway or alley and stay there until the crowd passes. Don’t try to run if you don’t want the attention to be drawn to you.

If you are arrested, do not resist. Go along peacefully and contact your embassy as well as your travel insurance provider. Remember to stay calm! If shooting breaks out, don’t fight back immediately. Just drop to the ground and cover your head and neck, and lie as flat as you can.Β Β Β 

On the other hand, if you are stuck in a riot while in the car, don’t try to go out. If rioters are standing in your path, keep going at a slow pace. They will move out of the way if they think you will run them over.Β Β 

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