The Complete Guide to Camping in the Rain

When everything is already set in your campsite and you’re about to enjoy the outdoors and wildlife then suddenly out of nowhere rain pours unexpectedly. This scene might be a nuisance to you and your companions. You might want to bug out already and head going home. But wait, you can still enjoy your camping and stay outdoors with our complete guide to camping in the rain. In this post, we will give some guidance in camping in the rain so that you can still enjoy and have fun.

Your easy guide in camping in the rain

Size matters for your tent

Check your tent and bring only the right size for you and your companions. Avoid bringing large tents that might invite some gate crashers like snakes and other wildlife during your camping. A tent that suits your number is highly recommended.

Choose wisely your site

Since it’s raining you need to exercise caution in looking for your campsite. Don’t set up your tent near trees as the moisture, sap or bark can go directly to your tent. Your safety is also compromised when rainfall continues in the night. The tendency of the branches of the tree falling to your direction can happen which can hurt you badly. It’s recommended you set up your tent facing the morning sun so that your tent can be dried easily and the rays of the sun will warm you after a cold rainy night.

Sounds exciting, right?

Light your way

Bring with you your flashlights, candles in mason jars, LED string lights and lanterns to bring a good ambiance in your site. It will not only serve as your light but will set your mood into appreciating nature even during the rainy season. This will also let other campers notice you and give you visibility during foggy days.

Color is life

Clothe yourself with orange and other bright colors so that you’ll be noticed and be visible to other campers who might be hunting. Bright colors will give the hunters the impression that you’re a person and not a wild animal that is roaming around the woods.

Outdoor living room

Since it’s raining extend your tent to make an outdoor living room where you can sit, relax and chat. Take some time to reflect on the great learning you had and the hiking experience of the day. You can also take out cards and play with your companions while sipping your coffee.

What an awesome day to end your outdoor activities, right?

Put extra layers of clothing

When it rains the temperature is cold and foggy so it will help you to layer up your clothing so that you’ll still be warm. It’s important to keep your temperature regulated in this kind of camping environment. Choose polyester or wool base and mid-layers under a waterproof jacket or rain poncho. Don’t use cotton, because when it gets wet it stays wet, which will change your body temp fast. Make sure to pack an extra set of base layers and wool socks in a waterproof bag for hanging out back at your camp for changing attire.

Food galore

Enjoy your sumptuous meal in your camp especially those rich in calories and hot ones which will let you sweat and be energized.Β  Packed soups, grilled meat, and fish with chili or hot sauce paired with a drink of cocoa are just the right menu to enjoy in a rainy wood.Β  You can include also your prepared foods at home. You can bring your prepared veggies to add a healthy option to your food. The key here is to have more carbs intake in order to keep warm.

Bivy bag for the ground

It’s expected that your campground will be wet so bring your bivy bag so that you can sleep comfortably while remaining dry during the night. It also traps heat and can help you maintain your body temperature.

Β Rain is not a reason to quit but an added value to camping

Under summer or in the rain a good camper never ceases to enjoy the beauty of nature. The scents of fauna and fora in the morning dew are a motivation for a camper to stay camping in the rain.Β  At the end of the day, when we look at a cost-benefit analysis of camping in the rain the great benefits outweigh the risks.

Check us regularly to learn more camping guides for you and your companions.Β 

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