The Eco-Friendly Hunter

Hunters are among the top contributors in environmental conservation. Hunting is naturally eco-friendly, there is no doubt about that, but there are more ways on how you as a hunter can become more in tune with nature. When it comes to the goals for greening the environment as you conquer the wildlife, here are the things that should be on your checklist.

But then again, some practitioners of this outdoor activity go beyond limits to encroach on territories and habitats that have been labeled not available for the general public to use as hunting grounds. This is basically what makes it β€œless eco-friendly” or not eco-friendly at all.

The controversy remains and several groups are continuously advocating for these standards. Joe Hosmer, Safari Club International vice-president stated, β€œ Hunters are the most conservation-friendly people out there. They are good stewards of the environment.”

To which senior scientist at the National Wildlife Federation Douglas Inkley agrees,” Done properly, with proper regulation and wildlife management, hunting can be very ‘green’.”

Practice animal welfare

Responsibility is often the name of the game. In other words, the eco-friendly hunter ensures a humane and painless practice. It does not necessarily mean you have to become a vegetarian, though sporting the athletic lifestyle or popular ones like vegan can positively impact your hunting. Know the regulations and this also encompasses the next tip to be discussed.

Choose the right firearm

How experienced are you for a hunt? You will be surprised to know that the more adept hunters are usually the more eco-aware ones. Do you agree? Be certain that you select the right firearm for whichever animal or species that you are targeting. Doing so makes you a more ethical hunter. Tune in to more content from our website right here to know recommended firearms for hunting.

Support public lands protection

Who else can maintain the preservation of hunting grounds than the members of the community themselves? That’s right, supporting causes that protect the right to access the public lands is also a conservation effort for the environment. Get ready to sign up with non-profit organizations, groups, and committees that uphold this advocacy. Work hard with the community. This also involves paying attention to certain rules within the area.

Drive the off-road vehicle

Hunting beginners would usually bring their vehicles and literally drive their cars along the hunting grounds. At certain times, this can cause erosion issues or bank erosion. Choose all-terrain vehicles and four-wheelers as these are the most recommended. Stay light on the throttle.

Hunting is also regarded as a natural way to control the animal population, which is a good thing. According to hunting specialists, overpopulation of species has detrimental effects upon the environment. For instance, white-tailed deer overgrazing may disrupt the entire ecosystem.

Finally, it is important to equip yourself with knowledge and tips. Keep yourself updated of hunting resources, tools, gears, and always interact with the community. Social media now offer various groups online that you can become members of and tackle along with them.

We’re here to guide you on your path toward becoming the eco-friendly hunter.

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