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The Ultimate Guide to Prepper Guns

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Your weapon of choice could mean the difference between life and death when shit hits the fan. One of the most important things for a survivalist is to protect yourself and your family, as well as put food on the table during a hurricane, a terrorist strike, or even a zombie apocalypse!

In terms of self-defense, you’ve probably been eyeing on survival guns. We’ve broken this comprehensive guide on the best survival guns for beginners and a guide to buying ammo. Learn all about it now!

Guns and Home Defense

Many think that shotguns, pistols, or semi-automatic rifles are the best home defensive weapons. But the answer really depends on what you have, what the threat is and where you are in your home at the time in relation to the weapon. Your home defense plan should be different if you are in bed as opposed to when you’re in the kitchen. It also depends on whether we are in a normal situation like now or in the middle of wide-spread riots and looting. If you are in bed and someone breaks in, don’t grab the shotgun or the rifle. Instead, grab your pistol.

Another thing to consider when it comes to home defense is that shotgun pellets spread. If you aim at a person, the spread of the shot will more likely hit them even if your aim is a little off. Whatever your firearm is, practice even if your aim is a little off. If you have in mind the potential for shooting someone who has entered your home you need to know exactly how this deadly tool works and become proficient in hitting what you are aiming at.

Should You Buy Used Gun?

Being a new gun owner, you should know that having a firearm is a massive responsibility so put thought and research into everything first. Talk to the gun owners first. However, expect to hear stories of our favorite guns and which ones are, in our opinion, β€œterrible.” Then, I suggest going into a locally owned mom-and-pop gun store to look at used firearms.

Buying a used gun is not the same as buying used underwear since used firearms can still be a great purchase for a fraction of the original price. Don’t be afraid to ask the salesmen about a gun or how a particular firearm works. That’s their job. Try looking for guns that are simple and beginner-friendly. Don’t go for anything β€œtactical” since it does not make a great choice for survival or defensive purpose.

The best prepper guns for beginners are pump shotguns and handguns. The popular military-style semi-automatic rifle and the quintessential hunting rifle are most definitely useful tools, but for someone taking their first serious look at firearm ownership, they can be a bit intimidating. Remember, we walk before we run, and where firearms are concerned, it is best to start by taking baby steps.

The Best Prepper Guns

Having explained brand new and secondhand guns, as well as home defensive weapons, let’s get into the best SHTF guns for prepping.

Pump Shotgun

This is an easy first choice. Nothing says β€œDon’t touch my stuff” like a good old-fashioned American-made shotgun. Shotguns are easy to use, the ammunition is reasonably cheap and they can pull double duty as both defensive weapons and hunting firearms. In terms of price, shotguns are cheaper than pistols and can be purchased a lot of times without the same background scrutiny that you get with other handguns.

We suggest a pump or a semi-auto, but the latter is far more superior in terms of reliability. Remington and Mossberg have the most popular and most trusted brands of shotguns. The Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500 are the two most popular pump shotguns on earth, with a combined 20million units sold since 1961. That’s a stunning number to comprehend.


What the popular media and most gun magazines don’t do a good enough job of telling people is that a pistol is primarily a defensive, last chance weapon. It’s usually used to β€œbreak contact” and get away from a fatal situation which is also the most available lifesaver.Β 

Under the pistol, there are two other categories, the semi-automatic, and the revolver. If you’re a first-time user, I highly recommend a revolver for ease of use. This is because semi-autos can be intimidating with the overwhelming levers, switches, magazines, pulling the slide, and more.

We also recommend a full-sized revolver instead of a short-barreled compact revolver since a larger-framed gun will be much easier for the novice shooter to comfortably hold and operate. The shooter will feel less recoil, and therefore build confidence and improve their shooting skills. A revolver with a medium or large frame, a 4β€³ barrel, and chambered in .38 S&W or .357 Magnum, was the preferred weapon of most police departments for years and has enough power to get the job done for our application.

How Much Ammo Do You Need?

The answer totally depends on you. How much do you plan on shooting? How confident are you that you will be able to purchase more ammo when you need it? We are starting to see a return to normal on ammunition availability and cost but any upcoming legislation could change that again, so have plenty of it stored up.

You should also consider an inventory system to help you with budgeting. It will also give you a clear idea of what you need to buy if you have extra money.

Get Your Prepper Gun Now!

We’ve covered a lot in this guide, from what guns you should get to how you need multiple self-defense plans depending on where you are in the house. To recap, pump shotguns and handguns are the best picks for a beginner in order to avoid overwhelming specs. You also need a lot of ammo for convenience! They are arguably more important than guns themselves outside of your first few guns.

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