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Threat Assessment and Prevention

It doesn’t take much more than a brief look around to come to the conclusion that we live in a dangerous world. It’d be lovely to think that things are peachy keen and you could go anywhere you’d like to without threats being a reality, but that simply isn’t the case. While this understanding tends to spark a sense of helplessness or fear in some folks, neither of those emotions are going to help the situation. Likewise, spending every waking moment in a state of constant paranoia isn’t healthy either. Here are two sensible and effective ways you can stay on guard to identify threats before they become unavoidable.

Entry and Exit Assessment

When entering a building, be it the grocery store or the local watering hole, take note of the entrances and exits. While it is common sense to recall the original point of entry, having an immediate awareness of the different ways in or out of the building can be vital should you encounter threats. “Employee Only” doors, fire escapes and large windows are all fair game in a worst-case-scenario. Paying attention to the entry and exit points of a building or room can also give you a good idea where the natural choke points are in terms of crowd safety.

Positioning Assessment

When choosing to position yourself in a sedentary state, be it a restaurant table or a movie theatre, be aware of what is behind you, above you, and next to you. When possible, place yourself in a position where you are in the corner of a room and there is no one behind you, where there are no large hanging objects above you, and where you are not close to windows. By positioning yourself in “the gunfighter’s seat,” you give yourself the ability to see everything in the room, avoid being seen from far away, and never have to worry about someone sneaking up from behind you. By sitting in a place where there is nothing above you, such as large picture frames, taxidermy or light fixtures, you nullify the chances of something falling on top of you in the event of a structural shift. By maintaining a space that is away from a window you ensure that glass fragments are not a factor in harming you, as well as maintain a level of concealment from anyone outside who could potentially do you harm from afar.  

Editor’s Note: While assessing threats is an absolute necessity, being able to properly defend yourself once confronted with a threat is even more so. Spending some time and investing in formal self-defense training is not only a good idea, it’s essential for anyone looking to feel truly secure. 

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