Three Must-Know Survival Skills

The wide world of modern-day survivalists is full of folks who share innovative ideas and great perspectives. It is also full of Internet keyboard warriors who have spent very little time in the bush, putting their interesting theories into practice. While mastering a wide variety of skills is always preferable, there are a few skillsets that absolutely must be possessed if you are someone who values your life. Be it a SHTF-scenario, a wilderness survival situation, or otherwise, having these specific 3 skillsets under your belt can make a huge difference.

Water Skills

In virtually every survival situation on earth, the ability to locate and disinfect water is absolutely critical. The human body is made up of mostly water. You need it to survive, period. Whether you are bugging-in during a massive power outage or natural disaster, stranded in the desert, or lost in the mountains, you need potable water. Having the skills to purify water, and perhaps even more importantly, having the skills to locate water are key. This is not a skillset you can afford to overlook.

Fire Skills

You can live without fire, it isn’t like water in that regard. But it sure can keep you alive if you find yourself in a survival situation that pits you against harsh elements. You may need a fire to purify water, you may need it to cook food, you may need it to keep your core body temperature above freezing, and you may need it to dry rain-soaked clothing. When it comes to fire skills, knowing how to build different types of fires, as well as knowing how to make fire without the use of a lighter is key. While the notion of rubbing a few sticks together sounds doable, it really is a bit harder than that and requires a good deal of practice.

Hunting and Gathering

Hunting in a survival situation is different than hunting with your old man and his friends. Hunting in a survival situation usually requires the hunter to operate without the aid of modern hunting equipment. You likely won’t have a rangefinder, a scoped rifle, or anything along those lines. You will also quite likely be focusing your attention on small game, as it is more plentiful and easier to obtain. In point of fact, hunting in a survival situation includes the act of gathering as well. Having a skillset that spans proper plant ID in your area, as well as basic knowledge of tracking and trapping is fundamental.

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