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Three of the Latest Tactical Rifle Accessories You Need To Have

Tactical rifles deserve the best modifications available on the market. When you have the latest and greatest modifications, you can significantly improve your shooting accuracy. Regardless if you take your gun out on the range or into the woods for the weekend, modifications are available to serve any shooter’s unique needs. Plus, we all know rifles are more fun to shoot when they have all the bells and whistles. New accessories are always hitting the market. Here’s some information on three of the latest tactical rifle accessories you need to get your hands on to add to your collection.

Green Lasers

Green lasers are appearing on the market left and right. The reason these lasers are rising so quickly in popularity is because of the results they produce. These ultra-bright lasers are typically constructed of aluminum, so they add minimal additional weight to your rifle. Since these lasers are so bright, it’s easy to aim at a target over 120 years away during broad daylight.

The reason green lasers are easier to see during the day and at night is because green is one of the easiest lights for the human eye to see. It has been said that the human eye can pick up the color green six times easier than any other color in the color spectrum.

Battery life on green laser averages 4 to 7 hours, which is one of the only downfalls with turning to this new accessory. Red lasers tend to use less power. However, the advantages of seeing brighter lights and aiming farther in any light conditions far outweigh the shorter battery life. Red lasers are by no means obsolete, but green lasers are soon to be the new standard.

Due to their popularity, green lasers are available from plenty of manufacturers at various different price points. Some brands produce lasers that are waterproof and others include benefits such as auto shut off after 5 minutes.

Nikon Riflescope

Long-distance shooting requires an exceptional sniper scope, especially when hunting. Without one, you will miss your shots and decrease your overall shooting accuracy. One of the newer snipe scopes on the market, the Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC Riflescope was built with hunters’ needs in mind. Adjustments can easily be made in any shooting position with the spring-loaded reset turrets. The wide field of view works perfectly in the thickest brush, and the multi-coated optics have superior light transmission. This means you can see even in the lowest light conditions.

The riflescope comes with a quick focus eyepiece to bring the reticle back into focus instantly. It also features a 4x room ratio. With the built-in Nikon Spot On ballistic match technology, you don’t have to worry about compensating for determining bullet drop.

Hunters looking for their newest scope can end their search here. Your game will never know what hit them!

RailChanger Kit

Precision shooters will find the new RailChanger Kit from Armageddon Gear to be especially beneficial. If you’re shooting off vehicles, barricade, or unusual positions, the RailChanger will help you aim and shoot more accurately. Those who are especially into sport shooting will find their accuracy greatly improves when utilizing the RailChanger Kit. One of the benefits about the RailChanger Kit is you do not need to buy all the parts separately, which leaves more money in the budget for ammunition and other tactical accessories.

The kit comes with the Game Changer pint-sized support bag, ARCALOCK clamp, and Area 619 RailChanger arm. Using the RailChanger Kit couldn’t be easier. Once the bag comes in full contact with the bottom of the rifle, position the clamp. Once the bag is clamped on, put the arm into position. That’s it! Three simple steps to provide great precision and confidence in your aim.

When the RailChaner arm isn’t needed, it can be removed and you can resume normal use of the Game Changer. Adding the arm back on is quick and simple, so you can quickly move between different targets.

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