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Launched in January of 2015, Timber Creek Outdoors is a homegrown, family-owned and operated business located in the heart of the Springfield, Oregon countryside.

β€œWord of mouth, craftsmanship, going out and showing what our products can do is how we’ve built this,” CEO Tyler Tiller says.


Handguards, angled grips and muzzle breaks are Timber Creek Outdoors’ bread and butter products. The muzzle breaks can be paired to bolt-action long guns, and used with the AR platform as well. The angled grips and handguards come in various colors, and are handsomely designed, enough to turn even the pickiest AR buff into a fan. This is likely because the folks over at Timber Creek Outdoors are die-hard shooting-sport enthusiasts with a passion for what they’re producing.

β€œWe have about 35 products in nine different colors,” Tiller says. β€œWe manufacture all the parts here, they’re anodized in Eugene.”

A guided tour through the secluded yet bustling facility at Timber Creek Outdoors reveals the seriousness with which the company takes it product line, both in terms of manufacturing and design. A warren of offices hold prototypes, both physical and in two-dimensional form.


β€œThere’s a big difference between a product going from the design phase on computer screen to being in your hand. We use a 3-D printer at first, it’s where everything starts.” Tiller says. β€œIt gives us the concept of what we want, and from there we modify things to fit what we know our customers will want.”

Servicing between 400 and 450 independent dealers, Timber Creek Outdoors just began to do retail sales on their website. While all parts are designed so that they can be installed by the consumer, it is recommended that the muzzle breaks be installed by an industry professional.


Like any healthy business with a solid product, Timber Creek Outdoors is growing steadily. Tiller has hopes of taking the product line even further in the near future.

β€œOur goal is to, maybe by the end of the year, be able to completely outfit ARs, with all the parts needed,” Tiller says.

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