Timeless Hunting Skills and Tips

primitive survivors hunting tips and skills

Whether you’re a veteran hunter or a newbie, it’s always important to know the classic way to do it. No matter how many high-tech hunting devices are being launched in the market, no matter what other people are telling you, traditional hunting is always better and more fun. The Neanderthals survived for 400,000 years without track cameras and other devices in a climate that very few of us on Earth have seen!Β 

These timeless hunting skills and tips only require your hands and wits. Keep reading to learn more!

Stop at the Noise

Remember that the sound of a snapped twig is quickly forgotten by the hunter, but long remembered by the quarry. Making a loud noise will require you to stop and stand for as long as you can if you think that animals are nearby. Decide on a period of time to stand still, such as five minutes. This way you’ll be forced to remain quiet and silent for a minimum amount of time, longer if necessary.

Run Mountain Lions with Hounds

There are two ways to get a good look at a wild mountain lion. First, take an unarmed stroll down a California nature trail, where lion hunting has been outlawed for years. The other is to go to a state where hunting mountain lions is allowed, wait for good snow, cut a fresh cat track, and then go chasing the critter through the mountains behind a barking pack of hounds.

After killing a cat, don’t stand there aghast at the odor of cat pee. They taste like lean pork.

Design a Better Drive

When putting a drive together, try placing standees in front of and alongside the area being driven. If you’re in a group, position a stander in the rear where the drive originated. Deer wait for hunters to pass and then sneak back and run in the opposite direction.

Use a Revolver

Hunting with a handgun used to be so popular, and it even created a market for 4-pound, Β­single-shot β€œpistols” chambered for necked rifle cartridges and topped with 3×9 scopes, just so rifle hunters could say they were handgun hunters, too.


The rise of 100-year crossbows and 300-yard muzzleloaders didn’t make a difference in the progression.Β  In the case of handguns, though, aside from a few obscure exceptions, there are no special seasons to incentivize you to hunt with them. If you can legally hunt with a handgun, you can probably use a long gun, too. And if the goal is to fill a tag, you grab something with a stock.


When it comes to range limitations and shot placements, a revolver and a compound bow are the same but the skill required to use a handgun is more perishable. You might be wondering, then why are you giving this tip? For starters, getting close to critters is fun, and it’s a classic way to go hunting. Don’t let your Model 29 just sit in the safe!Β 

Pick Your Landmarks

It’s easy to be confused as you change your location when stalking an animal by making a big circle and coming up behind it. Choose a distinctive object on the skyline that you can recognize from the back, like a tree, a fence line, or a rock to guide you to the spot.

Don’ Give Up

Tracking can be very hard. Most of the time, the blood trail you’re following leads to nothing, meaning the animal is strong. But remember that it doesn’t mean they are not fatally wounded. Keep searching for tiny spots of blood. Try getting on your hands and knees to search more thoroughly.

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