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Tips For A Safe 4th Of July Outdoor Experience

Right now, you might already be preparing for the holiday outdoor getaway on the Fourth of July. Great choice heading for the outdoors, more than dining out or watching the fireworks display, this holiday. Are you certain you have everything in place? Here’s a guide for you from us here on Primitive Survivors.Β 

Water activities safety

One of the choices of outdoor adventurers for the Fourth of July is to go for water activities. This may be boating or fishing. There are serious risks if you are not aware of safety measures while traveling this way.Β 

First, it is important to review safe boating practices. Consult experts and read up on magazines that tell about these procedures. It is also important not to drink alcohol while on the boat. Before the actual trip, check the presence of life preservers for each passenger, or if not possible to have, be sure that you are equipped with survivalist’s facts and tips on rescue operations. Don’t forget to have a first-aid kit aboard.Β 

Grilling safety

Now, let’s see what tips are in place for camping. Grilling is the inevitable choice for cooking food because you lack the kitchen resources at home when you find yourself outdoors. Camping on holidays like July 4th is beyond the experience you have outdoors, but it is also a time to celebrate.Β 

Prior to the cooking, check your equipment for anything that may start up unfavorable circumstances. If you are using survival fire, refresh yourself with how to set these up. Keep children away from the grilling area, and if you want to include them in the cooking, you may give them simpler preparation tasks.Β 

If you are using a grill, keep this away from any decks, siding, branches, or outdoor equipment that may catch fire. It’s more difficult to kill fire if you are outdoors.Β 

Weather safety

How much Plan B do you have in place? Back-up plans in case the weather does not permit you to visit the location that you are eyeing for this holiday will help the trip become more successful. Follow weather forecasts online and on social media, and keep yourself updated.Β 

Other important tips to note

Most Independence day outdoor trips are with the family, and if you are spending it with your closest relatives, prepare activities that will be pleasurable for both children and adults. You can also include activities that test their survival skills.Β 

Protect yourself from harmful insects like mosquitoes. One of the most effective ways is to prepare a mosquito repellant in your bag. If you don’t have one, there are steps that you can do to prevent mosquitoes from swarming the camp area. For one, set up the camp from any standing water or corners where mosquitoes may breed. Lighting candles and tossing herb branches such as lavender, mint, lemon balm, and sage into the fire pit will keep you off these mosquitoes.Β 

Plan the food menu. Get your holiday outdoor experience going with enough food on the table. Not just this, they also have to be tasty. Prepare a variety of dishes for the kids and for the health-conscious. There are times that the heart of camping outdoors is on the food.Β 

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