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Tips for Backpacking with Your Kids

primitive survivors backpacking with kids

Kids need to spend time outdoors in a fun, healthy, beyond-the-ordinary place. Start them young with all the backpacking experiences so they will grow up appreciating all the beauty that the Earth offers.Β 

Read on as we discuss seven important tips to have enjoyable and safe backpacking experience with the children!

Start Simple

It’s always important never to plan tiring trips with your kids as you’ll end up carrying them, their things, dealing with tantrums, and more. Before a long backpacking trip with the kids, try hiking short trails with them so they can prepare themselves. Gradually increase the distance over time so they won’t need to adjust the hard way.

Don’t Bring Too Many Clothes and Toys

Don’t bring just-in-case clothes and don’t buy special travel clothes. It’s okay to take whatever clothes they have, as long as they are comfortable and high-quality. Remember that kids grow quickly and they’ll just outgrow these expensive gear you’re planning to purchase. We recommend any long-sleeved cotton shirt and trouser to keep the sun and mosquitoes away from their skin.Β 

Also, don’t be bringing a lot of toys because you’ll surely end up carrying them. And besides, children will only play with their new toys and move on after a few hours. While it’s okay to give them a choice for picking a few special items to bring, give them a limit to a small bag each.Β 

Get Them Excited Before Going

It’s important to get your kids excited before going so they’ll be thrilled to walk and get involved with all the fun activities. Tell them about the cool things they will see, show them maps, talk about history, food, cultures, read books, search for great pictures, and ask them what they expect from the trip!

Cook Simple Meals

A gourmet backcountry dinner is going to be a fine experience, but they’re not required. Your children are probably just hungry and would anything. Try bringing plenty of snacks and treats with you! Well-thought-out and distributed candy, snacks, and gummies can help motivate even the most reluctant hiker. As for decent meals, try doing Freezer Bag Cooking. Just boil some water, add to your freezer bag, stir, let sit, and munch. Some great dishes include cheesy bacon-onion mashers, chicken thanksgiving dinner, and chocolate protein oatmeal!

Keep them Hydrated

Keeping them hydrated is, in fact, more important than keeping them full. Your children will get tired of the hikes and activities and will sweat a lot. Don’t get me wrong, both food and water are both very important. But getting dehydrated can cause severe symptoms than when your kid is hungry. Give each child his or her own water bottle so they can choose the time they want to drink. But if you notice that they haven’t been drinking, remind them!

Be Safe

Make sure your kids always carry a whistle. Teach them to blow it if they become separated from you. Also, make sure that they have easy access to a flashlight! Attach a lanyard to both the whistle and light and tie them to one of the child’s belt loops.

Take a Kid’s Perspective

Always keep them at the center of your trip. For instance, if your kid sees an interesting insect, you’ll think it’s just another beetle and you’re more concerned about the 2-mile walk to the lake. But to your child, it’s a really cool insect he’s never seen before. Talk about it with them! The backpacking trip should be about your kid associating backpacking with fun, right?

Take a kid’s perspective by also involving them in the planning. kids for ideas of possible things to do or see at your destination. Take their input seriously.

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