Tips for Bugging Out You Should Know Of

What will you do if the worst has happened? The country is invaded, the economy is collapsing, or a deadly disease is spreading across the city, causing panic to people. There are possible situations where you’ll need to bug out and stay in the wild.Β 

How long do you think will it take to pack and get you on the road? If SHTF, you always have to prepare by pre-planning and pre-packing the essentials, so you can bug out in no time. Start planning and practicing what you’ll do in these survival situations now to increase your chances of survival!

Here are some tips we’d like to share with you.

Plan Thoroughly

Before readying your items to put inside your bug out bag, know what you are preparing first. It’s difficult to know what you’ll need to pack if you don’t know what might happen. That is why you need to research the possible SHTF events that may occur in an area.

For each situation, have a bug out plan. Where is the right place to stay? What are the things you’ll mostly need? Plan first, then pack. Have different routes for every plan, with these routes including cache locations that can supplement your bug out bag.

Do not Pack More than What You’ll Need

Go through the list of things you need when you’re done writing them and start getting rid of some objects. This is because a bug out bag should hold only the essentials and not your whole life. Moreover, you won’t be able to carry a heavy bag of gear while running. Even if you do, you won’t be very fast.

Prune your list over and over again. Try walking through your neighborhood for a few miles with it and see how it carries. After that, take it out somewhere that has hills. You’ll be surprised just how heavy a bug out bag is after trying to take it up and down a hiking trail. Now think if you were in a hurry?

Some things you may want to bring with you are food, water, tarps, sleeping bags, fire-starting devices, first-aid kit, self-defense weapons, and so on. Pack some items in your designated bug out vehicle too.

The challenge is, while it may not be that hard to keep the bag light, you still have to maintain minimum stock levels. We recommend 30 days worth of food for planning. Keep track of how much your family goes through on an average day then calculate what you would need for 30

Another thing you need to consider is you need to leave some room for important things you might run across. If you don’t have enough room for new gear, you’ll either have to dump something or pass it up.Β 

We are sure you’ll be needing tinder or kindling on the way during a survival situation, so make sure that your bug out backpack fits things you find along the way.

Bug Out Ahead of Everybody Else

If you don’t leave immediately when SHTF, you’ll get bogged down in traffic. The best way to do this is to be aware of what is happening and to make the decision before others do. In that case, make sure you really want to bug out. Ask yourself if this is the wisest strategy.

If a hurricane is coming, you need to stay updated on its development so you can take action before it starts alarming people to bug out as well. Apply the same principle for any kind of disaster.

You also need to have multiple routes for getting to your bug out location in order to save time. At least three routes are enough to get you from your home to the location.Β 

To make sure you bug out ahead of everybody else, have a designated bug-out vehicle. Make sure it handles the pressure, although it does not have to be a decked-out truck. Here are some factors to consider:

  • AWD or 4WD
  • Has suitable ground clearance
  • Has enough space to carry each family member and supplies
  • Well-maintained
  • Has a full tank of fuel available.

Be sure to drive each route that you have planned several times until you are familiar with them. This will allow you to identify hiding sites, pull-offs, and other areas you may need to guarantee your safety.

Learn Some Survival Skills

Do not ever just rely on your bug out bag checklist, especially when you’re not sure about their durability and how to use them. Take note that learning skills such as foraging, hunting, filtering water, creating shelter for warmth, and building a fire from scratch can mean less equipment that you will have to carry.

If you can make a field-expedient fishing pole, for example, you don’t need to pack a fishing pole. Learn how to DIY things when you’re in the wild. Start by doing your research and practicing what you’ve learned so you will be prepared for the actual SHTF event.

Rotate Your Stock

Rotate your survival food, vitamins, and medicine, just like what you do at home. Don’t pack a cellar full of food and just lock it up. Keep track of what you have all the time and replace what needs replacing. Don’t wait until SHTF to find out the food and medicine you packed are already rotten.

Replace the items in your bug out bag in the vehicle as well.

Always be Prepared

Bugging out may sound simple, but it only becomes successful with careful planning and proper execution. Remember that bugging out starts with the decision to bug out in the first place. Before taking action, always weigh the pros and cons. Bugging out, although it is important in surviving, also carries a lot of risks.

In fact, you can only bug out when you are forced by the authorities or if death is certain. If you are forced to bug out, we hope the tips above will help increase your chances of survival.

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