Tips For Getting Your Hunting License

You’ve got the hunting preparation aced, you have your gears ready, you’ve chosen a great destination, and you are physically set for the hunting adventure. But what about your hunting license? Before everything else goes wrong, the license is one of the things that should be on top of your checklist. Here is a definitive guide on obtaining your hunting license.

The hunting license explained

Basically speaking, the hunting license certifies that you are permitted to use up your skills in whichever allowable hunting venue that you are in. Depending on the state where you reside or upon provincial wildlife agencies, the license may either be in the form of a card or a certificate. Some states issue them in both forms.

Aside from these, it also lets any hunter certified to be able to buy hunting tags and enter draws. It also acts as proof that you have passed a safety education course in hunting. This proof has been widely recognized in North America and in various other countries.

Steps on getting the license

  1. Prepare the following as requirements for getting the hunting license:
  • License type
  • An authorized vendor
  • Department of Natural Resources or wildlife agency office
  • Your state ID or driver’s license
  • Your old permit
  • License fee
  1. Find out the type of license you will need. There are various kinds of hunting licenses, and these will depend on your age, experience, and the species that you intend to hunt.
  2. Log-in to the websites of your state’s natural resources department or visit their office to check qualifications and procedures.
  3. Visit an authorized vendor which includes outdoor supplies stores or firearms shops to get the license. You can also visit your state’s natural resources department office to obtain your permit.
  4. Present your state ID or driver’s license, as well as your old permit, to the processing office or desk. Note that some states may offer a free or lifetime pass for senior citizens and persons with disability.
  5. If you cannot visit these places in person, you can purchase your hunting license online and pay through your credit card. The license fee varies from $10 to $150 per permit depending on the season, the weapons that will be used, and the type of game.

A few reminders

The process and the regulation for obtaining the hunting license depend on each state, including the age requirements. Sometimes, it is even varied from one province to another within a state. However, most would require the person to take a Hunter Safety Education Course and Test before being able to buy the license.

When the online hunter safety course is taken and passed, you will need to pay the one-time fee, print the voucher to be sent to you, and visit the state or provincial office to personally claim the license.

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  • Another idiot, in the old days you did not need a license to hunt, but because hunting is quota based now based on Annimal populations, the Hunting and Fishing is now regulated to prevent over-population of the herds. It is not in the Constitution because it was common practice, there was not any refrigeration back then, so fresh meat was necessary for survival.

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