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Staying overnight at the camp may need you to allot more time preparing for your gear and camping equipment. However, extending the time under the night skies and the night stars can offer you several surprises. One of the activities you can do at the campsite is stargazing. Here are the tips to enhance the experience.Β 

Research is importantΒ 

Not every campground will offer the best chances of seeing the night sky spectacle. There are camping locations that are recommended for this particular outdoor activity. The first thing that you want to do is to research.Β 

The Internet has an abundance of information about these, and you can often look for these lists also from travel guides in bookstores. They will have suggestions on places, and will also provide a how-to’s on spotting the elements in the sky.Β 

Select locations that are far from urban areas and cities. Also, study which equipment you will need for stargazing. Generally, these include telescopes, a pair of binoculars, and even a sky map. There are now apps that will make these adventures more hassle-free.Β 

But first…

Here are the things that must be on your checklist if you are looking at perfecting this activity. Naturally, you will have to prepare your eyes. At the present moment, your eyes are currently not at their best to gaze at the stars. They are stressed out of computers and smartphone displays. It is advisable to arrive at your chosen location and simply relax for about 20 minutes before starting to gaze above.Β 

Get ready to stare for long hours, focusing on the details, and dressing up appropriately. Prepare the blanket that you’ll have on the cold ground, or perhaps prepare a chair where you can lie on your back comfortably.Β 

Take advantage of technology

Your smartphones, hopefully, the signals are acceptable in the area, will help you enhance the overall experience. You will need to switch off as many lights as you can, adjust the brightness on your phones to maximize the visuals. Download Sky Map apps. The most recommended ones are Starmap on iOS, The Night Sky Lite on both iOS and Android, Sky Map Android, Sky Night Walks, Pocket Universe on iOS, and Sky Safari on iOS and Android.Β 

Do you bring equipment?

If your family has telescopes and binoculars at home, you may bring them. However, experts also agree that you do not need to buy these expensive outdoor tools if you do not have them. Your eyes are enough to enjoy the night skies and all the elements that are scattered across them, as long as you have prepared well.Β 

A practical, inexpensive tool that you can have is a star wheel. This is downloadable and printable from your laptop or PC. It works in such a way that the outer ring has the months written on it, and when rotated to the current date, the stars show up as they would in the night sky in the area on the wheel. This will be your guide to identify the stars and to instruct you on where you turn your gaze at.

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