Tips For Surviving In A Cold Environment

The winter is not yet over in many parts of the country, and there are reports that say the cold temperature is getting more intense. Can you survive this β€œsweater weather?” Here are some tips to help you stay prepared and be equipped in midst these situations. Whether it is about going out camping or taking a short vacation with the family, remember these pointers.

Prepare extra clothing

One of the most important things that should be in your backpack during the cold weather is a set of extra clothing. Layering is important in this season. It is recommended to keep extra clothes, shirts, warm socks, or jackets with you. In case of emergency, thermals or a pair of mittens will help you keep warm.

Get ready with your emergency kit

The emergency kit contains everything that you need should unforeseen circumstances arise. It should include the actual material and possible, manuals on how to use them. In your kit, including flashlights, batteries, candles, matches, food like granola bars, dry cereals, protein bars, water, canned nuts, canned fruits, canned meats, and emergency radio. You may also come up with a list and add more items as you wish to.

Place additional caution while driving

The main rule has always been to avoid driving during these scenarios and let the season pass. However, if driving comes as a necessity, always keep a tracking app with you on the road. And, don’t forget to inform family members or friends about your destination, and routes that you are going to ply. Furthermore, as you park your car, be sure to cover it with a bright colored cover to be identified easily by motorists.

The first-aid kit

Carry a complete and well-arranged first-aid kit that is portable and handy enough to bring with you wherever you go. Aside from the usual medicinal paraphernalia in the kit, you must add those that are specialized for the winter. For instance, medicines to treat winter-related illnesses like colds, cough, and flu.

Keep emergency numbers nearby

The best way to keep these numbers is either through your mobile device or a handy directory alongside the emergency kit. Snowstorms usually jar phone signals so when this happens, the directory containing information of emergency hotlines, agencies and organizations will help you a lot

Invest in alternative electricity sources

Preventive measures are key to surviving the cold environment. In the event that a winter power outage happens right within your homes, are you prepared to take the alternative? Early on, invest in sources that will not require power coming from the main electricity lines. These include alternative sources for your cooking appliances and heaters.

Stay hydrated

It is also strongly advised to stay hydrated in the cold weather. Extreme cold temperatures are just as risky as intense heat. Aside from keeping yourself hydrated, it is recommended to go to bed with a full stomach as well. Take good care of your well-being

Winter and cold environments are not merely about those winter sports and having fun in the snow. It is also about preparedness and gathering survival skills. The tips listed above are foundations for survival especially when things get worse.

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