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Tips to Improve Your Bowhunting Accuracy

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The best bowhunters do not have to think about their shots at the game because they are automatic from start to finish. But nobody becomes an expert overnight. In fact, these pro bowhunters still shoot in the off-season, practice, and polish the basics. So there’s no reason for you not to practice improving your bowhunting accuracy.Β 

Trust me, there’s nothing worse than planning for months, putting food plots, waiting in treestands, and missing your shot when you had the chance to shoot a large buck. So here are some tips to improve your bowhunting accuracy!

Add Anchor Point References

Shooting from different angles while wearing different types of clothing will make it difficult to maintain the same, consistent anchor point. This will drastically affect your consistency and accuracy. Try using a kisser or a nose button to provide an anchor point reference. It will help you find a familiar spot regardless of what you are wearing.Β 

Have the Right Stance

Most self-taught archers from a misconception about the right way to stand. You are supposed to face the target about 45-degrees, with feet parallel and spread 18 to 24 inches apart. Your toes should also point toward the target, not at 90 degrees like many beginners stand.

This open stance lets you face your target more directly as you shoot and require less game-spooking movement to get set for the shot. Aside from that, this angle also lets you move away from your bow arm and chest. With a proper open stance, you will probably need to adjust your compound bow for a shorter, more comfortable draw.

Increase Your Heart Rate

Not being able to completely replicate when a screaming bull comes into your shooting lane means you need to increase your heart rate a little to simulate that moment. Along with tired muscles, an increase in heart rate will be able to prepare you for the next season. Try starting with 10-20 push-ups, then grab your bo and shoot an arrow. Then, sprint to your target, retrieve your arrow, sprint back, and repeat. Do this exercise a dozen times or to your own comfort level, whether that is more or fewer repetitions. This is fun and all at 20 yards, but it’s even better at 50 yards and up

Adjust Your Draw Length

Most bowhunters buy a bow with a wrong draw length and they don’t realize it. They think it’s right because of their instability, string slap, or other problems they’re experiencing. However, it’s the incorrect draw length that is creating all these issues, whether it’s a half-inch longer or shorter.Β 

Go to your local bow technician at an archery pro shop if you’re having a hard time with shooting at any level. Let them measure and evaluate your current draw length to find out what’s wrong. Aside from the wingspan method of determining draw length, other things that affect draw length are shooting form and release style and lengthΒ Β 

Shoot Under Pressure

Your confidence will surely lower once you see a live animal if you only practice in your backyard since backyard practice involves little to no pressure and zero consequences if you miss a shot or do it poorly.Β 

One way to develop confidence when you shoot under pressure is to attend a 3D shoot in your area. Not only is this a great way to mimic shooting a life-size animal, but it also puts some more pressure if you are competing formally or alongside your buddies. Some of them have courses set up in difficult terrain and with obstructions. You can also try investing in a 3D target if there are no 3D shoots in your place.Β 

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