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primitive survivors surviving underground

After discussing how you can build an underground survival bunker and the materials you need to store it in, we now head on to the final article of this underground bunker series! There are many dangers that come with being trapped or intentionally living underground.Β 

You probably heard of the story about a group of Thai teenagers who got stuck in a cave. The young football players who were probably just in their adolescence were with their coach when they entered the Tham Luang Nang Non cave, a tourist attraction in the country. Although the cave network is generally stable and safe, it also features underground rivers which on this occasion have become flooded by the seasonal heavy rain, trapping the group inside.

You probably won’t experience the same risks these Thai people faced, as you’ll be living in a fully furnished house underground that’s built on the right foundation with the right materials. But that does not necessarily mean you can survive your entire life in it.

Here are some tips that might help you get by when the SHTF and you have no choice but to live in your underground bunker forever.

How Many People Live Underground?

Official estimates vary between 150, 000 and two million. Most people who live underground do it not because they want to survive the apocalypse and stay hidden but because their area is overpopulated. Consider Singapore, whose population of nearly 5.5 million people is squeezed into a city-state that covers just 710 sq km. Their current plan is un Underground Science City that will be designed to house a 300,000 sq m research and development facility 30-80m below the surface.

Other people will also start to live underground soon since land is scarce due to heritage restraints. Meanwhile, in China, the demand for cheap housing is forcing many to live below the surface in a less glamorous way.

Can We Survive Underground for a Long Period?

Psychology states that the human mind is naturally inclined to fear underground spaces, especially when it’s associated with dark, cavernous environments in fear of being bought alive. But with a space that looks appealing enough and has the right amount of supplies, you’ll be able to feel more at home and comfortable without worrying about SHTF events that may hugely affect the surface of the ground.

How to Survive Underground

Here are some tips that might help you cope with living underground in your bunker.

Use Illusions

Design tricks will help you be more comfortable underground. Although a lack of sunlight can cause adverse effects in terms of sleep, hormone function, etc., illusions in the house that make your bunker look bright can help. Timing and routine exposure to bright light that can mimic the properties of sunlight might enable people to live underground for long periods of time.

Stock up on Food and Other Supplies

As mentioned in our previous article, it’s important to have a complete supply of non-perishable food, water, medicines, weapon, and other things you will need in order to survive. Always have a list ready with you.

Stay Calm

This will help you to think clearly and logically, think up a strategy for survival and help to avoid both mental and physiological stress which can leave you weaker. If you are in a group and someone experiences a panic attack or anxiety, then it is important to help them relax and get back to their normal state.

Avoid Hypothermia

Stay warm and dry in your bunker, as the ground can be extremely cold. Try to avoid getting clothing wet, and if you do have wet clothes, wring them out.

Be Ready!

The best way to make the most out of your survival chances is to be ready. Your survival bunker alone is already a safe haven from any SHTF event outside. Make sure it’s complete with things that will help you be physically and mentally safe. Learn other survival skills and your possibility of overcoming a disaster will be higher

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