Top 3 Concealed Carry Revolvers

When it comes to concealed carry and defending yourself in an up-close and personal confrontation, you just can’t go wrong with a revolver. Simply put, it is sheer reliability. A revolver won’t ever jam up and most models are heavy enough to be used as a touch-based weapon if you run out of ammo. The concealed carry market is flooded with innovative and excellent choices when it comes to wheel guns. It is a downright exciting time to be a responsibly armed citizen in the market for such a gun. We’ve taken a moment to choose our top three picks for the perfect concealed carry revolver. Check out below to see what made the cut.

M&P Bodyguard

Chambered in the ever-so effective .38 S&W +P, the M&P Bodyguard is an excellent go-to for first time concealed carriers who are looking for a reliable gun they can trust their life to. With an affordable price tag of about $500, this revolver also comes with a Crimson Trace integrated red dot laser, that can be adjusted without any disassembly of the gun at all. Packing a 5-shot capacity with a slick, hammerless aluminum alloy frame, the Bodyguard lives up to the name, and then some. Which is pretty much what you’d expect from Smith and Wesson.

Taurus CIA 650 357/38 Special

When it comes to a quality revolver at a great price, Taurus has the market cornered. We’re the first to hold Taurus accountable for their complicated customer service and questionable quality control, but not when it comes to their steel wheel guns. Chambered in the man-stopping .357 caliber, the CIA is powerful enough to stop any threat at close range. The J-frame looks and feels great, sporting a hammerless backside and a beefy underlug. This is a sturdy gun that is not suitable for pocket carry as it is a bit on the heavy side, but for an IWB this gun is a dream to pack in close. The fact that it will only cost you about $350 is also pretty swell.

Ruger LCR .357

Ruger is a company who needs no introduction. It should be no surprise that their polymer framed LCR revolver is a quality piece of craftsmanship. A more powerful version of Ruger’s .38 Special LCR, this snubby is easier on the recoil than you’d think. Weighing in at 17 ounces, this isn’t a lightweight gun but it also isn’t a heavy clunker either. Ergonomically attractive, and sporting a short, smooth trigger pull, one would not be remiss to describe the LCR .357 as the β€œGlock” of revolvers. With a price tag of $575 and the ability to shoot 38 special rounds as well, this is definitely a carry gun to consider.

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