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Top 4 Essential Camping Tools

The wide world of outdoor recreation is full of gadgets and gear that heavily sponsored YouTube personalities say you just have to have on your next camping trip. While it’s always fun to gear up, and some new innovative products out there really are worth getting, modern camping requires very little. If you’re headed out for some fun in the forest, you needn’t bring the kitchen sink, or the newest gismo, but there are a few tools you want to make sure you have with you. Here are 4 that should make the cut, for sure.

Folding Shovel

Easy to pack and lightweight, a folding shovel is an invaluable camp tool. Capable of doing everything from shoveling hot coals, digging firepits, burrowing a cat hole, prying wood, hammering and even sawing (depending on the model you have), you can’t beat having a solid folding shovel on a camp site.


While there are many brands out there aside from the industry standard Leatherman, the fact remains that multitools aren’t all created equal… and you absolutely need one. These tools are invaluable, as they can perform a great deal of tasks that would otherwise be incredibly difficult to pull off. On a camping trip you could easily find yourself in need of a screwdriver to fix a rifle sight, a can opener to pop open that tin of chili, a pair of plyers to remove a splinter, a way to remove a stubborn fishhook, the list goes on. Get a quality one, and pack it. Β Β 


We’ll go ahead and assume that you’ve packed the matches. But using the old β€œone is none” rule leads us to this tool. While any old dollar store lighter will do, Zippo lighters have the added quality of working well in windy conditions. The drawback of this tool is that it relies on fuel and as a result, requires that you pack some extra, just in case.

Fixed-Blade Knife

Sure, your multi-tool has a blade in it. Yes, the folding blade that you choose as your EDC is pretty great also. But when it comes to stepping off the beaten path, you need to be carrying a fixed blade. A fixed blade knife gives you the ability to cut, dig, split wood, hunt, hammer and pry. Find a quality one, keep it sharp and keep it with you.


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