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Top 5 Features Of A Good Hunting Rifle

Hunting weapons like rifles play a huge factor when it comes to getting successful on your hunt. These are firearms that are designed for hunting game animals either for food or for leisure. Other types of rifles are used in the military and during warfare.

If you are a hunter, it is necessary to take note of the best features to look when buying a rifle. Not all of this equipment are created equal and if you are meant to use them for this outdoor activity, there are lists that should be on your bucket. Here are the top five features of a great hunting rifle.

Rifle Weight

During your usual travels, you’re told to pack light. The same tip is applied when bringing your rifles during the hunt. Especially when visiting remote areas and risky terrains, it is an advantage to have one that does not become a burden along the trail. This is the first feature to look for as you buy the hunting rifle. Experts suggest having the Kimber Hunter, which weighs around five and a half pounds unloaded and without mounts. Once loaded, it increases to around seven pounds and still would be manageable around you. The dimensions in terms of the length are also very ideal. Feel free to ask hunting rifle experts or browse magazines to gain more information.


Then, it is also imperative to find your practical skills at work when choosing a rifle for hunting. The priority is not about aesthetics, thought it has to come along the way if you want to hunt in style, but there are rules of thumb to follow. The stock must be able to do two things — hold the shooting action and fit the person carrying it. It is also true that stock fit can vary from one hunter to the next but there are generalizations that can be implemented. The grip should be open enough to allow for comfortable action and improvised positions when necessary.

Strength and appropriate bedding are also some other features to look at under design. Avoid those with stock that flexes a lot during recoil and because of tension in the sling. Make the balance between price and quality.

Controlled Round Feeding

To review, controlled round feeding is the method that refers to feeding and extraction. Some well-known rifles have this feature alongside their designs. For instance, there are rifles with large non-rotating extractors that keeps the cartridge nearby the rim from the time that it emerges from the magazine until it is released from the weapon. This feature improves grip and minimizes chances of malfunction. Choose ones that have large extractors and those with fixed ejectors that ensure free movement during the action.


Well-designed rifles should also be able to have triggers that have reasonable pull weights, crisp breaks, and creep-free movement when used. Look for weapons with adjustable triggers in order to fit your specifications and varied preferences. In your older rifles, it is important to maintain them right especially in the areas of the trigger. A good trigger is a sign of high performance and accuracy.

Safety Features

Hunters should also be able to get particular about their weapon’s safety features. It is usually depending on personal preferences as well, but let’s discuss a few specifications. For instance, the three-position swing-style safety lets the person vary the action either loading or unloading the weapon simultaneously as the safety is engaged. Otherwise, when locking the bolt. This feature should also be easily accessible whenever needed. You may also select those with three-round detachable box magazine for quicker rifle loading and unloading.

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