Top 5 Small Game Catches For Dinner

Feasting on cooked meat that originally came from some of your hunting sprees offers an entirely different experience from consuming the usual food on the dinner table. Especially if you are aiming for a small game hunt, there are a lot of exotic opportunities to also have these catches as your home-cooked dinner. Here are the best small game catches that you can also bring to the kitchen.


The world of foodies who take a cue from hunting may have been dominated by deer or venison. But hunting deer is considered a big game, so how about for the small game catches? The first on our list is a classic, the turkey. It has become a sport which involves pursuing the highly coveted wild turkey. Did you know that the Native Americans have already been hunting the species long before the European colonizers arrived in North America? You heard that right. Some recommended recipes with wild turkey include BBQ Wild Turkey, Wild Turkey Soup, Roasted Wild Turkey, and so much more.


No two hunting sprees are the same and when it comes to waterfowl hunting or the practice of pursuing ducks, gees, and other waterfowl, expect things to be filled with action — not to mention staining your clothes. Ducks and geese may be hunted in the same environment because they share almost the same habitat. They can be found in crop fields, or bodies of water like swamps, ponds, rivers, lakes, and also oceanic coastlines. Ready for your dinner with ducks? Include these recipes on your list: Roasted Duck with Green Peppercorn Glaze, Crispy Duck Ramen in Tonkotsu Broth, and Duck in Orange Sauce. We know you’re getting hungrier —


— Hungrier for more. Hunting the duck’s half-brother, the goose is also an exciting way to practice up your skills. It involves perfection when it comes to making the calls or flagging the geese nearby, not to mention the use of decoys. And when it’s time to have them for dinner, take pleasure from any of these cooking styles for the geese you’ve caught: Roast Goose, Goose and Kraut, and Slow Cooked Goose.


Renowned chef Gordon Ramsay has a segment about cooking a squirrel for dinner. Have you tried one? Squirrels are commonly found almost everywhere, in parks, in your backyard, or in your garden. Instead of calling an exterminator, it is also fun to have them on your dinner table. If you ask about its taste, many of those who have tried will say they taste sweet and nutty, all because of their nut-based diet. Try these irresistible recipes once you have caught squirrels: Baked Squirrel, Oven-Fried Squirrel, and Squirrel Country Sausage. Β 


Another small game species to hunt are frogs. Known as gigging, the activity is derived from using a trident-like spear called β€œgig” in order to stalk and finally catch these frogs. Frog hunting is one of the most thrilling adventures that an outdoor survivalist can have, either as a sport or when stuck in an island. They serve a dual purpose too, and aside from all the fun, they can also be great as a dinner dish. Just be careful about which frog species to eat because not all could be good for the diet. And, don’t forget to clean them before getting them cooked. The lovers of this food would tell you they, taste like chicken. Some recommended recipes are Frog Soup, Caramelized Frog Legs, and Breaded Frog Legs With Beer Mixture.

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