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Top 5 Tactical Gear Every Person Should Have

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Tactical gear covers a huge range of products for those who practice strategies like military, law enforcement, hunters, and even paintball! They’re pieces of equipment for folks that love dressing in military fatigues as if an invasion is going to happen anytime soon. But most of all, tactical gear is helpful for self-defense. After all, it never hurts to stay prepared!

Tactical gear can be anything from vests, boots, to night vision goggles and firearms. They’re designed for safety, convenience, and protection. They’re also made to make you feel nice if you’re an outdoorsy person! That said, here are five amazing tactical gear every person should own.

Tactical Backpack

Tactical backpacks will always be on the top of the list. Everyone, even those who aren’t into tactics and strategy, has their own survivalist pack at home. They’re some of the most sturdy, comfy, and durable bags in the market, so it’s common sense why you need to have a piece.

Tactical backpacks, unlike your usual backpack, are designed for war and difficult situations. Hence, they are more function over fashion, although some companies still like to keep their products stylish. Tactical backpacks will carry your stuff more securely for a long time, making them great for hunting, camping, shooting, and bugging out. They are perfect for long-distance walking and have such functional features as breathable back, highly padded and adjustable shoulder straps, and roomy compartments.


All security officers have handcuffs with them, usually two pairs. Actually, any type of restraint is good enough for you, such as zip ties. These items come in handy in almost any situation, and civilians should have a way of restraining a perpetrator should they need to defend against a home invasion or an aggressive individual on the street. Once you capture the criminal, you’ll have to control the individual without harming them, so handcuffs and other types of restraints are essential in your tactical gear checklist.Β 

Clothing (Jacket)

Military personnel and adventurers face harsh weather conditions during their outdoor activities, so they need pervasive clothing that includes a tactical jacket. We consider this piece of clothing as the most important one. Jackets have top of the range materials that can overcome abrasion, bad weather, insect bites, etc. Hunters and hikers find these jackets useful as they are the difference between survival in cold weather and give up midway.Β 

Folding Knife

Tactical knives are essential for military personnel, law enforcement agents, and firefighters. They are also ideal for those who enjoy bushcrafting and being creative in the wild. These items have sharp blase that cut different kinds of things, even the sturdiest materials you can think of! Their sharp edge and folding feature guarantee safety when not in use.Β 

Some special tactical knives can cut seatbelts, but they’re usually only used by those in law enforcement. You can never claim that you have tactical gear if a tactical folding knife is not part of the equipment!


This accessory can help you scream for help and has other features that a regular watch couldn’t do. Military watches are mostly important for those into extreme sports and paratroopers. This accessory must be incredibly resourceful and completely durable.Β 

It should be the versatile kind that you walk out of a burning building and remain unscathed, and not merely a time-telling device.Β 

Final Words

These are the most basic gear that should be on your checklist. Once you start investing, you can continue purchasing equipment like firearms, lights, footwear, and other accessories. It would also be great if you keep up with the updated models of these gear, since new advancements made in the industry means more benefits for you and your safety!

Whether you are a civilian or a hunter interested in tactical gear, we hope this list guides you in the right direction.Β 

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