Top 7 Habits Every Survivalist Should Have

Entrepreneurs are successful because of habits that they have imbibed in their lives. These habits are forms of commitment in their mindset, translated into action that help them produce great results. Even the greatest survivalist should possess certain qualities to support the demands of this life aspect. Survival involves preparedness, strategic thinking, and keeping yourself steadfast despite tough circumstances. Do you have what it takes to be a survivalist?

They always come up with a back-up plan.

Plan A is considered as the most-thought of option in projects, situations, and environments. But what if Plan A does not work? Take for instance you are in the camp and you do not have a store near you. The back-up plan would be about making the fire on your own. People who come in prepared, the survivalist, are aware that things can go wrong midway and they are willing to leave things behind to travel from Point A to Point B.

They react calmly into situations.

There is a thin line that separates the success in surviving a particular situation — for instance, an earthquake or fire — and being able not to move forward: panic. No matter how you have set your mind or prepared all the things you need in particular situation when panic sets you, it becomes to stumbling block and the stone that topples your stronghold. The best survivalist knows how to react calmly in various situations, managing the fear, coming up with a plan, and carefully executing and implementing them.

They are critical thinkers.

Thinking critically is different from the first level of thinking. For instance, you are about to save a person from drowning in deep waters. The first level of thinking tells the swimmer in you to go out there and save the drowning person. However, critical thinkers quickly discern that he or she also needs to ensure safety and so, wears the necessary accessories before jumping out into the water for rescue. This holds true in several operations like such.

A survivalist is an expert is assessing information, separating between facts and manipulation. They stay up-to-date with current events but know how to work on their judgment to differentiate facts from opinion.

They have an abundance of skills.

Aside from the toolkit that contains first aid materials and must-have gears, a good survivalist has this mental toolkit of skills that they are ready to pull from their learnings whenever needed. The keyword is being skillful. Experience plays a huge role in honing this skill and someone who has been instructed in the classroom to tie some knots will act differently from someone who has experienced in these activities.

They are physically active.

Perhaps the first things that will come in mind when you talk about physical activity and survival skills are fitness, exercising, and going to the gym. However, it does not always have to be this way. This important quality of being physically active is very common among many survivalists and lays the foundation for the other habits on this list. They are trekkers, hikers, and love to be with the outdoors.

They are resourceful (and nature lovers, too).

The lack of water supplies in some areas where your camp is a huge problem for many. But for the advanced survivalist, it is not. Being resourceful on enacting solutions to these problems have always been their key. Since they have been accustomed to nature, they are very knowledgeable about utilizing what’s around them to be able to provide for their necessities. It could also be as simple as finding out how to eat outdoors without the usual kitchen utensils.

They practice the so-called β€œsituational awareness.”

Situational awareness is all about placing yourself in situations before they are bound to even happen. Survivalists have an action plan in their minds and are ready to implement them even before a threat occurs. For example, surviving a snake bite entails quick thinking and response, and those who practice situational awareness can be more effective in treating these conditions.

Aside from these habits listed above, for sure you can still be able to add more to the list. At the end of the day, it all boils down to being able to get through the situation, no matter how tough the obstacles could be.

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