Top Fishing Kayaks For Summer

Finding the right fishing kayak made for the season is easier said than done. If you are into this type of fishing, there are several decisions to make when choosing what’s great for you.Β 

Among the questions that you should ask are, whether you will be alright with an affordable one, or what you should find is an expensive one. There are several builds upon these kayaks, and they can either have pedals or paddle power. There are also instances when your fishing gear should match the way these vehicles are made. Here are the points to consider:

  • Type of kayak
  • Transportability
  • The body typeΒ 
  • StabilityΒ 
  • Used or new kayak

Our best choices

Old Town Predator PDL

With this, you get the most advanced pedal-powered fishing machine that is ready to hit the fishing waters even in 2020. This award-winning fishing kayak is efficient to transport you to the spot in a much quicker way and maintains your stop without the padding.Β 

It is known for having the instant forward and reverses, the best stability and maneuverability in the industry. After all, it is about having the best catch, so you can control the boat without any mistakes while your hands are focused on fishing.Β 

Other notable features are new, including the shallow water anchor mounting area with pre-drilled holes, universal transducer month, EVA foam deck pads for safe and comfortable standing, built-in accessory tracks on the front and rear mounting plates, and more.Β 

Eddyline C-135 Yak Attack

Another award-winning fishing kayak is the Eddyline C-135 Yak Attack. This edition secured this spot in the largest sportfishing trade show in the world, the Best Boat and Best of Show at ICAST 2015. It has to be because they are built with accessories that include an intuitive Zooka Tube for securing a spinning and casting road, a YakAttack BlackPack in Grey, a VisiCarbon Pro for enhanced safety all-day and all-night, and more.Β 

The selling edge is a lightweight alternative to the heavy polyethylene rigs that are plying the backwaters. They are also made for quicker transport, and a few strokes are designed to bring you up to speed. They are also easy to handle in the wild, these kayaks are very stable indeed, not to mention having tank wells and hatches easy to reach from the deck and the cockpit platform, especially if the seats are flipped up.Β 

Native Ultimate FX Propel 13

There are more great kayaks that you can have in the market nowadays, but we’ve reached the final item on our list. Get yourself your all-new Native Ultimate FX Propel 13, the lightest weight pedal measuring those inches in the market right now.Β 

This fishing kayak is for the more advanced angle. There is an open deck that allows for hassle-free loading and unloading of gear at the ramp, and coming standard with the most efficient features found nowhere.Β 

Among these include the built-in battery box for electronic power supply, built-in transducer mount under the hull, multiple Groove Track rail mounts bow-to-stern for easier personalization, and more. There is also an adjustable thwart box that you can have for storage, as well as a rod management system.

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