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Top Three Turkey Guns

Turkey guns are a unique sort of weapon. The ultimate gobbler gun is basically a shotgun that can shoot almost like a rifle. Sure, it is more than possible to dump a good-sized thunder chicken with your granddaddy’s old reliable scattergun, and many folks do. But the true turkey guns of the modern era have particular traits that make them special. Tight chokes, sling swivels, the ability to send a heavy load downrange and camouflaged finishes to hide from the incredible eyesight of those peeping Toms. The other good news is that it isn’t too difficult to get your hands on a solid turkey gun for a good price. Here are three great gobbler-getting guns that won’t bust your budget.

Mossberg 500 Turkey Model

Mossberg is a reliable company that makes a mean turkey gun. They actually make two different models of this particular gun. One has an adjustable trigger, the other does not. Both versions are fitted with a 24-inch ribbed barrel and boast a Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo finishing. Also standard on these guns are adjustable fiber optic sights and a full choke. The option of having a thumbhole stock, a sliding stock or a traditional stock are all present. With an MSRP of $496, this is a standard-issue gobbler getter that comes equipped with custom modifications.

Remington 870 Express Turkey

This is another solid turkey gun that measures up and won’t leave your wallet bleeding. The Remington 870 Express Turkey has a durable synthetic stock and is covered from tip to tip with Mossy Oak Break-Up camo pattern. The Remington full choke comes standard on this bad boy, the gun is capable of handling 3-inch magnum loads and has a 4-shell capacity. The gun is tapped for the Weaver rail system and has surprisingly low recoil. MSRP $471.

Winchester SXP

We absolutely love this turkey gun. From its waterproof composite stock and fore end, to the slick pump action operation, this is a great gobbler gun. The SXP may be one of the fastest shotguns out there. The smooth cycling action just can’t be beat. It is also simple and quite easy to maintain. This gun comes with three flush-mounted, screw-in choke tubes. These range from full, modified to improved cylinder, and allow for the shooter to modify at will. Versatile, reliable and a joy to handle, the Winchester SXP is another fine choice for turkey. MSRP $329.

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