Traps to Place on Your Property Against Looting Rioters

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George Floyd, 46, died while being placed under arrest by officers, which then caused thousands of individuals across the country to take to the streets and protest and even hold riots. As a result, millions of dollars in damages and theft occurred due to looting, and this is just in Scottsdale.

Many businesses at the moment are struggling with slashed revenue and dismal earning prospects under the pandemic. And as looting rioters continue to exist, they are stuck finding ways to protect their properties and prevent damages to their stores.

Can you legally defend your business from looters using traps? What measures should you take to protect your property or business? Continue reading to know more.Β 

Is it Legal to Defend Your Business from Looters?

Yes, it is alright for business owners to generally prevent unwanted guests, not to mention looters, by taking advantage of legal precautions such as security cameras that deter those who want to stay anonymous, fences, gates, shutters, and more. However, setting up booby traps in some states can be charged as a felony.

It is also not legal to shoot someone in most states even if it means protecting your property. These laws apply to provide protection to those who use force to defend themselves in the face of great bodily harm or death, not their storefronts.

In Texas, however, the law allows property owners to use deadly force to protect their properties if the owner reasonably believes that non-deadly measures will put someone at risk of death or injury.Β 

What about warning shots? These are reasonable ways to show force to deter burglars. When used in self-defense, warning shots are likely to be legal, unless you are trying to scare a crowd gathered outside your business.Β 

How to Protect Your Property Against Looting Rioters

Because US law does not allow the use of booby traps, here are some useful items you will still need to protect your property from looting rioters.

Lights and Cameras

This is probably the most important of all. Mount lights and cameras on your home and store. Outdoor lighting is good protection against your home being broken into since cameras will get a good shot of anyone who comes on your property. Place your cameras high enough that no one can’t get t them, such as on the roof. It’s also highly recommended that these items are triggered by motion detectors so they don’t have to be left on full-time. Connect them to your computer for permanent backups of what happened.


Tripwires are probably the closest you could get to a booby trap. They are typically connected to alarms of some sort, regardless of whether they are mechanical or electronic tripwires. You can also try connecting them to many snares and traps, although this might not be a legal thing to do. Simply set up an electronic tripwire in the borders of your property and make sure they are undetectable too.

You can also try running ankle-high wires across your lawn, firmly anchored, so that they won’t pull out. This is an effective way of tripping anyone who comes on your property without permission.

Electric Fence

The whole thing shouldn’t be electrified, though. You just have to add an electric fence element to it, or a single uninsulated wire mounted to the inside of the fence with standoffs. It provides a non-lethal electric shock to anyone who touches the wire.

You also have to ost a sign for an electric fence, warning people that it is electrified. That’s fine, the sign serves as a deterrent too. Do your research on the minimum requirements for your area. For instance, in Texas, you are required to post every 25 feet.Β 

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