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Most people live in densely populated cities. The US Census says that over 62% of the population lives in urban centers. If you’re one of them, how certain are you that you would survive any disastrous situation with your urban survival skills? Can you thrive in a city of chaos?

What does this mean when it comes to your survival in an SHTF scenario? Most likely, you are going to be in a city when it happens. This guide will help you learn some urban skills you need.Β 

Self-Defense Skills

Urban areas are evidently more violent than suburban and rural ones. This is where self-defense comes in handy. Although these skills will be useful in SHTF situations, you can also thank them for everyday events.Β 

Some self-defense classes will also teach you how to use weapons including knives and tactical pens. It is important to know how to use a gun in a self-defense scenario. In fact, it is said that the only thing that beats a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun!

Blending In

In an SHTF scenario, your survival depends on blending in. This is truly critical for when you’re in an urban environment. For instance, you might have a nice stash of food, water, and supplies to last a few weeks at home. However, you still need to be out looking for help like everyone else. You need to be out there with your neighbors, wondering when help is coming and talking about the empty grocery store shelves.

When walking in the streets, be low-key by keeping your valuables out of sight, This will prevent you from being a target. Don’t carry a huge backpack with you in the public!

Escaping a Riot

The odds of a riot are higher when you are in a much larger city. Even peaceful protests can turn into a chaos, so always beware of the events in your town. To escape social unrest, move with it and not against it. Try to go with the flow until you get the chance to disappear in the streets. Don’t run or shout. If someone wants to take your money, it’s best to comply.


If it is impossible to use a car or you don’t have a bike, bugging out on foot may be the only choice. But you have to be able to move as fast as possible with a bag on your back. Practice long-distance running and even do some weight lifting to make sure your body can handle a combination of walking and running with 20 pounds on your back.

Escape and Evasion

This skill is about being stealth and covering your tracks, as well as counter-tracking your opponents to give you predictability of where to expect an attack. You most likely won’t be able to take on a whole group of people by yourself. Watch this video for more information.

Negotiating Skills

Negotiating is closely linked with bartering, another important urban survival skill. However, this is more useful in many situations.Β  You need good social skills and high emotional intelligence to negotiate well. You might need to negotiate a deal, terms to trade, or conditions when settling a dispute.

Thrive in a Chaotic City!

Developing these skills specifically for urban survival is up to you. If you choose to learn and practice them now, the better your life will be when SHTF. And it can also make everyday situations more convenient and better.Β 

Take the time to start learning these skills now. You don’t have to hurry! Just try one skill at a time.Β 

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