Useless Outdoor Gadgets & Gear

The modern outdoor industry has produced a wealth of gear that is both innovative as well as durable. From rangefinders that can withstand heavy rain while measuring line of sight angles, to solar-powered, ultra-lightweight camp showers, there is no shortage of great gear out there for outdoorsy folks to choose from. But then, as is the case with any booming industry, there’s a lot of useless stuff out there. By useless, we mean gadgets, gizmos and gear that simply isn’t pragmatic. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to own novelty items that make for great conversation pieces at your next family gathering or neighborhood BBQ, there is a solid distinction between such items and functional gear that you can depend on. Want to know what made our short list for stuff you don’t need and should pass on shelling out for? Here we go…

Pistol Bayonet

If we were living in the late 1700s, when single-shot pistols were considered state-of-the-art military equipment, perhaps the pistol bayonet wouldn’t be entirely useless. But in a modern age where your Glock has 17 rounds in the clip, and you aren’t repelling pirates who are boarding your vessel with blunderbusses, a pistol bayonet simply isn’t necessary at all. If you need more convincing, stop and think about how you are going to safely holster this bad boy without taking a chunk out of your thigh.

Shotgun Axe Mount

The fact that this even exists is proof that the public’s recent love affair with zombie flicks has gone too far. Firstly, no shotgun on earth is built to withstand the force of an axe swing. We can think of no better way to blatantly damage your weapon than attempting to prove us wrong. Just don’t do it. Save your money. If you are serious about using an axe as a blunt-force weapon, invest in a solid tomahawk. There are plenty of throwing and fighting hawks out there that will do the job just fine on any of the walking dead you are prepared to fight off.


While there is nothing wrong with having pride in your Scottish heritage by choosing to wear the traditional garb of Gaelic men from the 16th century, there is simply no reason for you to own a tacti-kilt. We sincerely doubt that anyone in their right mind would choose to clear rooms, scale walls or engage in force-on-force scenarios while wearing this highly ventilated tactical fabric. It doesn’t matter how much MOLLE gear they have on them, or what color of camo they come in, tacti-kilts just aren’t really a solid piece of gear that you need to invest in.

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