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Walleye at the Seams

Walleye can be a frustrating fish to get after. Primarily crepuscular in their feeding habits, meaning they feed at dawn and at dusk, these keen-eyed predatory fish usually move into the shallows at these times to attack their prey. A good ol’ fashioned bottom bouncer with a worm harness (plus worm) will do you well, if you want to troll shallow shelves or even anchor up to jig. But if you’re looking to mix it up and try something new to entice fish, try attaching a shallow-running minnow bait (like a Rapala or a Smithwick Rogue) to a bottom bouncer with about 5-feet of 10-pound-test monofilament. Send that rig deep along the seam of a current where the fast water meets the slow stuff. You’ll find walleye there.

Slow is Smooth

Remember to troll slow with your minnow bait and bottom bouncer. Pull the bait slowly and smoothly upstream while you drift the lure downstream with the current. Remember, go slow, slow is smooth and smooth is fast.


River current will let you know what weight of bottom bouncer to choose. The size of your bottom bouncer will also vary depending on whether you are headed upstream or down. In a very heavy current, try starting with a 4-ounce bottom-bouncer. You want to let the line pull back at a 45-degree angle, while that weight barely touches the bottom.


This trick works from about late fall through the early spring season. Night fishing in clear water with this rig produces great results. For a more visual representation of how to hit the seam, watch the video below:

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