Survival Water

Water Storage for Preppers

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that water is perhaps nature’s most precious resource. Particularly, fresh water that you can drink. In any survival situation, water isn’t just important, it’s essential. One of the first issues a person can have when basic resources run out is the acquisition of potable water. The only way to effectively safeguard against a lack of potable water, is to store a great deal of it. Here are a few thoughtful and economically smart ways to store water that won’t leave you hurt in the pocketbook.

Water Bricks

These emergency water containers are sold in 3.5-gallon bricks, as well as smaller 1.6-gallon bricks as well. They are a perfect option for folks who live in confined spaces, such as apartments or condos. This is because water bricks can be stacked on top of each other, making compartmental storage a piece of cake. If you so wanted to, you could stack up a bunch of them, drape some tapestry over the whole thing and use it as a living room table.

Bathtub Bladder

This isn’t a long-term water storage method, however it can work in a pinch and provide a great deal of potable water, as in 100 gallons worth. Bathtub bladders are best bought and stored as close to the desired bathtub as possible for use in an emergency situation where you have a good idea that local resources will be affected. At that point, filling up the bladder for use as your potable water supply is a great way to ensure that you have a fighting chance should you have to bug-in. It’s also pretty cost efficient, as these things sell for about $30 and provide a large amount of storage space in comparison to other emergency water receptacles.

Rain Catching System

If you live in an area of abundance with a great deal of annual rainfall, a great way to ensure that you have a large source of potable water is to create a rain catching system. This is way cheaper than you think, and it is easy to find entire kits online. If you want to go the DIY route, all it takes is a 30-gallon drum, a bit of PVC piping, a standard hose spigot, a downspout elbow and your rain gutters.

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