Ways to Improve Your Survival Chances in the Woods

Camping and hiking are great ways to get physically fit and at the same time, enjoy the beauty of nature. ‘sIt’s more fun if you do it in a group; however, if you suddenly got lost in the woods and is left alone, you need to improve your survival in the woods. This may look scary of being alone in the woods, and you’ve been lost from your group. You may feel heightened fear during nighttime alone in the woods. Do not despair if you’ll find yourself in this scenario follow our tips below on ways how you can improve your survival in the woods while awaiting rescue or help.

Your survival is a matter of your perspective and action.

  • Relax and take your composure

It’s easy to fret when you find yourself lost and alone in the middle of the woods. For some, it’s a nerve-wracking scenario, and they can experience anxiety. The first thing you need to do is to relax (we know ‘sit’s not easy but do it) and regain your composure.


If you are anxious, you cannot think critically in this kind of situation. You need to relax and be composed in order to lay down your survival plan. It is also a time for you to recall your survival training and techniques that you learned.

  • Observe your surroundings

Look, listen, and feel your surroundings.Β  What do you see?Β Are you in a location full of large trees or ferns and other vegetation?Β  What kind of sounds do you hear?Β 

Do you smell familiar scents or new ones?Β  Use your senses and be aware is your second steps in increasing your survival in the woods. Your awareness will help you navigate the woods later on and find help from others.Β 

  • Check what you got in your Alice pack.

Start looking at the things you’re able to bring in your Alice pack.Β  Are you able to bring a 72-hour kit?Β  What are the things you got?Β 

After identifying your things, you can now plan on your survival for the next days in the woods.

  • Rehydration is a key, drink your water, and find a clean water source.

It’s wrong advice to say that you save on your drinking water because it will dehydrate you faster instead of providing your body its much-needed refreshment while stuck in the woods. Whenever you feel thirsty drink, and find a clean source near you. If you cannot find a river or streams, you can check on the birds.Β 

Observe them since birds like to circle on bodies of water or any form of water such as rainfall on rocks and dewfall on leaves. Take a cue from the birds and drink from the water. During the nighttime, you can also take absorbent clothes and put it outside, and you will find in the morning that it will be heavy due to water moisture. Wring your clothes and collect the water in a container.Β 

  • Find a safe place for you to stay.

Put in your place bushes, leaves, and logs that will help you keep warm during the night. You can build simple bushcraft for you to stay. Be sure that it will not hide you from people who are searching for you.

  • Bugging out and Bugging in

Not all place is safe for you to stay long in the woods know when to bug out and bug in is another key for your survival if you feel that you’re not safe then bug out immediately.Β 

  • Create noise

Make a noise, shout, and use other means to create sounds so that other people can hear you and be able to rescue you. It also helps scare away wild animals near you in the woods.

  • Food

If your supplies of packaged food run-out already find edible foods in the woods. Be careful not to eat anything that you cannot identify they might be poisonous. If you can hunt wild boar or check for old logs for insects, you can feast on then go.Β 

  • SOS signals

Put three firewood near your location, and this will signal other people that you need help. You can also use your lens to get attention by reflecting the rays of the sun.Β 

  • Markings

As you navigate in the woods, you can leave markings on trees using your knife to let people know you came in that place. You can put your nickname, initials, or just letter X on the trees. They can trace your location if they follow your markings. Another way is to let your footprints be visible as you walk.Β 

Our takeaway

We gave you already some of the tips on increasing your survival in the woods. We believe that you can have a GOOD when you’re lost in the woods with these tips from us.

Continue adding survival knowledge to your prepper mind; check us regularly.


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