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Ways to Start a Fire with Water

primitive survivors fire with water

There are so many ways for you to start a fire in survival situations using everyday items. Being resourceful will surely save your life. It involves employing makeshift techniques using whatever you can gather from your environment.Β 

Creating fire with water might seem contradictory, but you’ll understand it when you consider how it can act like a magnifying glass that gathers light and focuses it into a super-bright point that heats up tinder.Β 

Want to try it? Here are five easy ways to start a fire with water.Β 

Water and Sunlight

Water can be used as a lens to focus the sun’s rays, as in when you use a magnifying glass to burn the newspaper. In just a bit, it will start smoking immediately and burst into flames.

Water and a Plastic Bottle

Who knew you could also create fire using water and plastic bottles? That’s because it can also act as a lens. Opt for a clear plastic bottle that has little to no texture to maximize its efficiency. Just imagine those bottles that look like a couple of balls stuck together.

Make sure the label is removed and the bottle is well-polished. Fill it all the way to the brim with water and put the lid on. There shouldn’t be an air bubble in the bottle to keep the lens effective.Β 

Water and Plastic Wrap

For this third method, go get a small dish and cover the top with plastic wrap by pushing it down. This will enable the warp to take the shape of the container. Then, pour some water until it is nearly full, gathering each of the corners at the top to create a pouch. To secure, twist the corners and seal the water inside.Β 

Now you have a clear liquid sphere. Go in front of the sun, and focus the light on the darker piece of paper using the plastic wrap. It’s going to start smoking in just a few seconds, and you’ll have your fire as soon as enough embers have been collected.

Water and Light Bulb

You will be needing water and an old incandescent light bulb (not the new CFL bulbs) for this method. Then, cut a hole in the metal base of the bulb. Start removing the glass stem with the wire that is attached to it. Fill the bulb with water and swish it around. As you do this, you’ll see that the white substance on the inside of the bulb will be removed from the water. Replace the water as many times as possible to keep it clean.Β 

Once it is crystal clear, you have created a makeshift magnifying glass and you can use it to focus the sunlight on a piece of newspaper. It should start smoking immediately, and just a minute later, burst into flames.

You may also try putting a balloon filled with water over the light bulb’s base, squeezing out as much air as possible.Β 

Water and Picture Frame

For this method, just get a picture frame you’re not using and cover it with a piece of plastic wrap. Then, place it on something that is a few feet off the ground. You can use two objects with the same height to place the sides on.Β 

Then, place some hot water on top of the plastic. You will notice that the plastic wrap is sagging to form a natural liquid lens that works just right. Get some items that you can use as tinder, find the focal point of the beam to concentrate the beam, and it will smolder soon. Set it down so it rests on the beam.Β 

Wait for a few minutes and the elements will ignite the fire without your effort!

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