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What Gun Owners Should Expect This 2020 Election

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Democrats in Congress now demand tougher laws as mass shootings in the US have become so rampant in recent years. On the other hand, Republicans point to the Second Amendment and perhaps a self-defense shooting. But the former is currently enjoying an 8-10-point advantage on a generic congressional ballot.Β 

What should we, gun owners, expect this election once Democrats run the table? Continue reading to know more!Β 

What Democrats are Fighting For

Multiple shooting cases have occurred in America which stoked public anger. Coming amid the Democrats’ ongoing 2020 presidential primary campaign, internal scandal roiling the powerful National Rifle,Β  the rise in influence of nonprofit gun-safety groups like Never Again, the bloodshed-as-usual dynamic may have been altered.

That said, all of the major Democratic presidential candidates focus on gun control policies in their platforms. They support universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, and so-called “red flag” laws that would allow police to confiscate guns from persons deemed dangerous to themselves or others. But why do nine of these candidates own guns?Β 

2020 Democrat Biden favors an assault weapon ban and smart guns. Smart guns are devices that block a gun from firing unless the owner’s finger is on the trigger. Currently, the law states that before a licensed gun dealer can sell someone a gun, they must run a government check on the buyer, looking at factors like his or her criminal background and mental health history. But sellers who aren’t licensed don’t have to. Universal background checks would close those loopholes.

What to Expect

Predicting based on facts, Democrats might continue championing these reforms as campaigns progress to the general election phase. But gun voters are still likely to win this fight as the National Rifle Association even poured $30 million into electing Donald Trump in 2016, which is very likely to happen again. Although the association may not be able to spend as lavishly as it did back then because of multi-million dollar deficits and ongoing legal battles, gun voters still coincide with core Trump supporters and might even be supported by many other organizations.Β 

Another thing that Democrats might fear is the many issues they are fighting for, like issues to immigration and the environment to the economy, security, integrity in government, Trump himself, and more. We can only hope for the gun issue to be sidelined.

What Happens if Gun Policies Push Through?

Let’s assume that the polls are correct and the Democrats are winning. Here are some things that might happen.

First, Congress will ban many semiautomatic firearms and detachable-box magazines. Take note that H.R. 1296 is currently sitting in the House of Judiciary Committee with 216 co-sponsors. This states that it would be a crime to knowingly import, sell, manufacture, transfer, possess a semiautomatic β€œassault weapon” or Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device (LCAFD). LCAFD’s are defined as detachable magazines with capacities exceeding 10 rounds.Β 

It’s also possible to put a ban on suppressors. These Red Flag and Extreme Risk Protective Order Legislation with little to no due process protections are likely to happen. In a country where guns are abundant, extreme risk protection orders could give law enforcement a new tool for disarming would-be domestic terrorists before they can strike. However, our firearm and manufacturers who arm our military and law enforcement would become bankrupt and access to newly designed and manufactured products for law-abiding citizens to exercise their Constitutional rights would be reduced.Β 

Remember that these are only the worst-case scenarios. The government is advancing toward scholarly understandings of gun violence protection so we can’t have all the answers yet.

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