Why Every Prepper Needs an EMP Shield

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A massive electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, is a real possibility. It could affect our homes, vehicles, phones, businesses, stock exchange, and even the whole nation! Our economy would crumble under a sustained shutdown of the electrical grid. But one way to prepare for this SHTF situation is by having an EMP shield.

What is an EMP Shield? Why does every prepper need to have one? Continue reading to know the answers.

What is an EMP?

An electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, is what might cause the nation’s power to go out and planes to fall from the sky. Most modern technology may also stop working, and it sounds scary but it’s possible.Β 

An EMP is a powerful burst of energy that may occur naturally because of a so-called β€œspace weather” event or a man-made source like a nuclear explosion. It has two types, high-frequency pulses, and low-frequency ones. The former affects small wires in computer-based systems, while the latter affects large-scale equipment in the power grid.

There are so many types of EMP scenarios that may occur. Some state that even a large EMP could leave most of the national grid intact, but it will still displace tens of millions of Americans for years and cause short-term regional and national chaos. Other, more pessimistic outcomes feature an immediate collapse of most of the power grid and a cascading collapse of the rest of the nation’s critical infrastructure that results in long-term chaos.

Threats that may lead to EMP

Some experts dismiss the EMP threat as fear-mongering, but others consider is as real and dangerous as climate change. Here are some threats that explain why EMP may be deployed.

Terrorism is Rampant

Terrorism has gone worse than they have ever been.Β  More recently, the US added the Russian Imperial Movement, a group of white supremacists, to the list of foreign terrorist organizations. It’s not crazy to think that these groups can get their hands on nuclear weapons.

Government Tensions are Occurring

For instance, the US and China have an escalating tension between each other. Prior to the global pandemic, both countries were engaged in a cold war. China is trying to show that its authoritarian form of government is far better than democracy in a threatening way. To that end, they are working to compromise the success of democracies across the world.Β 

Russia is also trying to rig the 2020 US election and more battles between world leaders are growing fiercer. If these tensions continue getting worse, we can expect to see the use of some drastic measures. Stay informed and prepare your EMP shield!Β 

What is an EMP Shield and Why Do You Need It?

There are many ways to protect yourself against an EMP attack, one of which is through shielding. An EMP shield is an enclosed used to block electromagnetic pulses. They’re sometimes known as Farraday cages as it was Michale Farraday who invented these back in the early 1800s.

If an EMP hits, you’re going to want to protect your belongings ahead of time, and this cage can do the job to avoid damaging currents. As soon as the lights go out, you can quickly retrieve your fully functional phones from your EMP shield. It’s also ideal to have a home generator so you have something to plug in your charger!Β Β Β 

You can also try making your own EMP shield, although it’s a difficult task. Cover a box in aluminum foil. If you want to protect your devices, wrap them in a layer of aluminum foil. Be sure they are completely covered with no gaps in the foil at all. You can also use multiple layers and place insulation between them! A galvanized trash can is also a great solution to store several devices.

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