Why Hunters Should Be Aware Of Hunting Bans

Not all hunting is positively reinforced, there are hunts that will do more harm than good, thus the β€œhunting bans.” Why should hunters be aware of these rules? Here are important points to consider.Β 

The outdoor activity is done in many parts of the world, and quite honestly, it has been a recreational sport since the dawn of mankind. It is the practical way to source out food, those days when men would use spears and pursue animals in the wild.Β 

Hunting also has several benefits recognized. This includes helping save the environment by balancing out the ecosystem through the control of the animal population. However, there are simply species out there in the wild that are turning lesser and lesser in number, and with more hunters joining the game, these can do nature more harm.Β 

Two opposing groups argue about whether hunting is good or bad – the hunting enthusiasts or those inclined into the sport, and environmental groups that say otherwise. For instance, one of the countries that have enacted bans for hunting nationwide was Botswana, and only recently, the elephant hunting ban was lifted. Tourists are being invited to visit Botswana to hunt big game in both public and private lands.Β 

Trophy hunting or hunting for the wild game for recreation is legal in many countries, has benefits that are posted around and in books, and is pursued by many. However, this type of hunting has also been the target of certain groups where hunting bans are drawn out.Β 

In the early 1900s for example, about 200,000 African lions roamed countries in the African continent. However, in 2015, it has been estimated that only around 20,000 of these wild lions were left, which means that about 43 percent were lost within two decades. The decline is even larger in other estimation, pegging them at 60 percent.Β 

Other areas of awareness are canned hunts. These refer to shooting exotic animals on a game farm or ranch to secure a guaranteed kill. Once these species are grown enough to be categorized a trophy for hunting, hunters buy them and are shot within the ranches as well.Β 

Ethical hunters continue to promote information that these are hurting conversation efforts. These species, these ecotourism conversation groups say are never allowed to live a normal life. These are among the main reasons why hunting bans, despite strong reactions from sectors, are being promoted and implemented.Β 

Education and awareness are key to also combat the negative connotation to these hunts, more than the bans. Through supporting the bans, for as long as they are based on legal matters, a difference can be made. No authority will ever ban hunting if they are beneficial for the environment, because whether we deny this or not, hunting can help protect the Earth.Β 

You can be a great hunter without yielding into stuff that will position you against pro-environment activists. In fact, you can even promote their initiatives without forgoing their love for the outdoors. Agree or disagree? Tune in to our social media, and participate in the discussion. We’ll see you there!


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