Why Self Reliance is the Most Important Skill to Have

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Stockpiling, homesteading, and learning how to use a HAM radio is common in the prepper world. However, we wonder if many are missing a huge part, or maybe the whole foundation, of prepping: Being self-reliant in the long-term.

This skill of being self-sufficient or independent might be the most important because it can help you efficiently plan for your future without seeking the aid of anyone. If you have decided to live off-grid or you get trapped on an island, being self-reliant is what will help you survive.

So here are three major reasons why we think self-reliance is the most important skill any prepper should have.Β 

You’re Physically and Mentally Prepared

When you’re self-reliant, your mind and body are prepared for whatever disaster is about to happen. You know how to take time and resources to be strong and healthy. Being independent means you don’t need to rely on others to do work because you have a high level of fitness, endurance, strength, and flexibility. You know that in crisis scenarios, you will thank yourself for taking care of your body because you’ll be able to satisfy the additional physical demands on you.

When you are confident and resilient, your success in an SHTF situation is more likely to happen. Being self-reliant will have an enormous impact on how you deal with stressful experiences in life. This can-do attitude is often overlooked by many preppers but is actually the most critical to your survival. So make sure to have the willpower to continue to put one foot in front of the other when you feel unable to take another step. Work hard and keep on self-coaching until you develop these mental skills

You Instantly Acquire Communication Skills

Just because you’re self-reliant doesn’t mean you can live without interacting with others. In fact, self-sufficiency should improve the way you communicate for critical disaster preparedness. With it, you can efficiently receive and disseminate accurate and important information about the hurricane coming, and you know how to use reliable communication devices.

For instance, the use of amateur radio equipment may require a license which you can obtain by taking a class and passing a test. HAM radio will help you communicate with people around the world to send and receive valuable news.

You Become More Practical

The world is changing, so prepping and becoming self-reliant is just a practical thing to do. When you are independent, you live a sustainable yet useful life. You don’t have to depend on the food supply provided by markets, or healthcare that might be unavailable when SHTF. Instead, you learn how to administer first-aid, you grow your own food, and store enough supplies you need.

Teach yourself and your family to garden and preserve your fresh produce. You want to store a few years of good garden seed and save seeds to plant next year in case the local garden center is gone.

You also want to stockpile non-perishable food and other things in case a massive earthquake, EMP, or other crisis take over anytime. Do you have enough clothes? Diapers for your kids? Tools for repair? Think long-term when you’re stockpiling!

Most importantly, do you know what to do if water runs out? Being self-reliant means each member of the family has at least a gallon of clean water to drink per day. Aside from stockpiling this, you will need an additional water source or you need to learn how to purify the water you collect from rain.

It is also recommended that you know how to live without electricity! Learn how to dry your clothes under the sun, process your own food with natural heat, and cook over a fire.

These are just some self-reliance skills you need to learn to protect yourself and your family from economic downturns, earthquakes, EMPs, and more.

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