Why The Spring Season Is Also Useful For Deer Hunters

Deer hunting and the spring season are two things that are at the ends of the spectrum. Spring is an off-season for deer hunters, and instead, this becomes a time when they re-calibrate their gears and reset strategies to go with the more possible one, hunting for turkeys. However, during your free time this season, deer hunters can also benefit from spring in more ways that they can imagine. This Primitive Survivors new log will tell you more.

Tip Number One: It’s A Good Season To Scout

Identifying scrapes and rubs from the previous season, looking for new trails, and searching for doe bedding areas – these are only some of the activities that you can do in spring. Find the good season and reason to scout. Following the idea that the early bird catches the early worm, utilizing the spring to scout will give you more chances to kill bigger bucks once it all start once again.

Doing this, hunters won’t have to worry about spooking the species to be hunted when the fall season comes through. Be sure to bring a notepad with you, a GPS unit, or the traditional notebook to list down prospective locations for the next hunting season.

Tip Number Two: Seek New Grounds

Aside from scouting, spring is also a good time to search for new hunting grounds. Why is that? Seeking new grounds means leading toward an unnoticed area on public land where deer could emerge, securing permission from landowners, leasing new properties, and more. When you do this early on, you can be able to survey the land to search for elements that include food, water, and bedding covers.

Tip Number Three: Cutting The Shooting Lanes

Since the season is also a great way to prepare yourself, using it up to cut shooting lanes will provide the deer with ample time to get used around them and keep you from leaving your personal scent once the hunting season looms. You won’t regret doing this right now and reap all the benefits as the fall season sets in.


Tip Number Four: Strategize By Hunting Shed Antlers


The secret to another good deer hunting spree this year is looking back and hunting shed antlers. Doing this can offer hunters a clue into the places where the deer usually stay and linger around, adding more details to their tracks in order to lessen the challenges and increase chances of success for your upcoming adventure.

Tip Number Five: Train Hard Today

Do as the hoops players perform when it’s off-season basketball for them. They blend in vacation and break time with training hard in preparation for the next game. Do you hunt with a bow or with a gun? Whether this is all about a rifle or the shotgun, use up the spring season to head over to your backyard range to begin training and practicing the best aims. Preparation is always the key and you wouldn’t want to rush the training a few months or a few weeks from the start of another season.

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