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Why You Need an Underground Survival Bunker

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Every survivalist dreams of having their own underground bunker in case of doomsday. The city is going to be too violent and crowded to stay in, but bugging out to the woods is also unreliable because of the lack of resources and the number of people who might also bug out to the same place. Staying in your house, on the other hand, will make you vulnerable to intruders and more disasters.

An underground survival bunker is the best choice when the apocalypse or any natural calamity occurs. It’s your safe haven where you can take refuge in case anything bad happens. But not everyone can afford to hire the Vivos Group, a company dedicated to building underground shelters for future disasters, as billionaires and wealthy moguls do.Β 

The truth is, you don’t need lots of money to build one. But before learning how to build your own survival bunker, here’s a list of reasons why you need an underground bunker!

No need to be Scared of Economic Downfall

If the American economy collapses with the Dollar dropping to nothing and the people going crazy, what would you do? It’s going to be the Purge as societal norms begin to break down, and it’s not just gonna last overnight.

You can be fully prepared by building an underground shelter that has everything you already need to survive the disaster happening outside!

Neutralize Nuclear Attack Risks

Nuclear attacks are most likely to happen in military bases, shipyards, missile solos, high-tech industrial regions, and others like New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. And it’s alarming that nuclear materials are being sold on the black market! Many experts have been predicting that a nuclear attack will happen in a next few years.

If you are in these zones, then that alone is already a good reason to build an underground shelter. Be smart, though, in building one. For instance, if your home is north of a military base, use the southern wall of a basement as a guideline for your shelter.

Avoid the Effects of an Environmental Disaster

Avoid the tragic aftermath of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or flood strikes when you have a survival bunker. It will save you from trauma, need for medical assistance, water, food, and even shelter! Just make sure your bunker is complete with the resources you need to keep you ready and secure all throughout.

One environmental disaster that could also occur is a solar flare that can wipe out power grids, spread dangerous amounts of radiation, and take away the lives of many. Although covering your roof with ceramic tiles is enough to protect you from 3,500 degrees, a place below ground is more likely to be an assurance of life.Β 

Find a Good Spot and Get a Permit Now!

Those were just some of the reasons why you need to build an underground shelter for survival. If you have decided to start the project, the first step is to find the right spot. Here, soil composition, depth of the bedrock, and the level of water below are some things you need to consider. If you live in a cool region, you need to remember that the ground freezes during the winter season.Β 

Of course, you need to get a permit for this project. This is reasonable especially in populated areas, where there are pipes, wires, gas lines, and all kinds of underground utilities. Even if the land you’ll be digging is already yours, you still need to get one! Otherwise, you’ll be breaking a law.

Tune in to our next article on how to build your own survival bunker!

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